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Are you under New Construction and looking for an Affordable Licensed

Contractor to Install a New Septic Tank and/or Septic Absorption System

(Leach Field, Seepage Pit)? 


Are you a fellow contractor looking to subcontract a

New Septic Tank and/or System Installation?


 Sim Sanitation specializes in the installation of your septic tank and/or system that makes the most sense for your situation.  

Our services are designed to create systems that remain

efficient to reduce the risk of failure.

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Install 3a.jpeg
Septic Install 4.jpeg
Install 2.jpeg
Septic Install 2 (2).jpeg

To get a Quote or to Schedule a New Septic Tank 

or Septic System Installation,

please Call Us Today! 661-823-8442

Sim Sanitation, Inc.
California Contractors License No. 939122

20021 W. Valley Blvd., Suite A
Tehachapi, CA. 93561
ph: (661) 823-8442
fax: (661) 823-4174

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