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 Septic System Inspections
Septic Tank Certifications

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Septic System Inspection:


Septic Inspections are often required for the sale or transfer of property, as well as pulling a building permit. Sim Sanitation will inspect and evaluate your septic system by locating and pumping the septic tank. After the tank has been pumped, Sim Sanitation will inspect the tank looking for corrosion or any signs of deterioration, making sure the tank is structurally sound and water tight.


Septic Tank Certification:

Once the tank is pumped, our technicians will begin inspecting the drain field. Our technicians will hydraulically load the drain field per industry norms to make sure that the field is accepting water and functioning properly.


Please be aware that Septic Certification is not a warranty or guarantee that the septic system will continue to function properly for any given period of time in the future. This is because conditions can change due to causes beyond our control and any change in usage of the system could cause the system to malfunction.


Passing or Failing a Septic Inspection:

A septic system will pass inspection once the tank is pumped and the structural integrity is determined to be good. The absorption field must pass the Hydraulic Test with no obvious signs of previous surface water and everything is flowing properly through the system. 


There are many conditions that can contribute to the failure of a septic system, such as using excessive water, discarding grease or chemicals down the drains, poor maintenance, inappropriate design, inadequate or inappropriate soil, excessive slopes or high ground water tables . If the septic system fails, Sim Sanitation will recommend what needs to be repaired or replaced.


Sim Sanitation will provide a detailed inspection report to the appropriate parties. 

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