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Septic Pump & Maintenance

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Sim Sanitation, Inc. knows the importance of keeping your tank in good working condition. To prevent Septic Tank overflow, your septic tank should be maintained properly.

Pumping is required every 3- 5 years to empty the tank.  Systems that are heavily

used should be pumped annually.

To request a Septic Pump, please contact our office by submitting the Septic


Pump Request Form below or by calling our office at (661) 823-8442.


We thank you for your business.

Septic Pump Request Form

Sim Sanitation, Inc. cannot guarantee the Date for Service, as dates are given on a first-come first-served basis.

Office staff will contact you to confirm the service date.

Please call our office at (661) 823-8442 for further questions or inquiries.

Thanks for your submission!

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